Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting services and phases of development:

Market Analysis

Identify the most attractive customer segment of a given industry type

Regulatory Analysis

Review industry specific issues related to current regulatory climate as it impacts coverage, risk, and loss control needs, and the necessity for admitted or surplus lines status


Research and develop custom applications for the exposure. Correct information on risk is critical

Underwriting Audits

Analyze book strength, identify gaps and explore opportunities for growth

Data Compilation

Compile, organize and analyze data and other similar books of business to identify strengths, weaknesses and trends.

Carrier Analysis

Compare policy forms from a variety of carriers to determine your top competitors

Distribution Channels

Explore how similar products are currently being delivered - i.e. retailers, wholesalers, aggregators, etc

Underwriting Guidelines

Create for use with your specific product line

Underwriting Training

Provide materials to educate underwriters

Due Diligence

Comprehensive review of existing books of business for potential acquisition or sale
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